Program Title Program Objectives Duration Level
Improving and Maintaining Quality


Main Objectives of the Seminar:

 Upon completion of the training program, the executives who attended the seminar will be able to:

  • Understand what Total Quality is and why it needs improvement and conservation
  • Acquire both theoretical and practical knowledge of the application of quality in the company and as managers to be able to align with them
  • Understand the new roles of human resources and the importance of acquiring practical tools for self-assessment of the company and control of the human resources preparedness, in the effort to implement Quality Improvement and Conservation Programs
  • Understand the importance and importance of Quality in relation to the satisfaction of the Company’s Clients, which will also result in increased sales and profitability

Target Audience:

Suitable for managers of businesses in order to help them become acquainted with the quality assurance standards that exist, their requirements, their methodology and implementation, and the procedures for their improvement and retention

8 hours 2
Quality Management System ISO 9001

Main Objectives of the Seminar:

  • Understanding the basic principles and concepts of quality management
  • Understand the requirements of the Standard
  • Understand and perform all stages of internal audit (design, execution, reporting, recording, monitoring, ending)

Monitoring benefits:

  • Greater competitiveness
  • Improved productivity / efficiency
  • Reduced costs
  • Improved quality of services / products

Target Audience:

  • Executives or owners of service companies;Production – marketing of products
  • Inspectors of Internal Management Systems and
  • Anyone who works or wants to deal with Quality Management Systems
14 hours 2

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